Deciphering Dress Codes
You have just received an invitation that says "creative formal." 
What to wear? 
Learn how to read between the lines and style yourself perfectly for any special occasion. 
Casual attire offers you a wide range of clothing choices. 
Your comfort is a priority, and you can opt for shorter, less structured silhouettes or a set of stylish separates. Pair tailored pants with a favorite top, wear a simple knee-length or midi dress, or pull your look together with a beautiful jacket. 
You have the option of completing your look with sandals or flats and accessorizing any way you please. 
Cocktail or Semi-formal.
You have a lot of flexibility when dressing for a casual or semi-formal event.
Wear refined separates or choose a knee-length or midi dress with a bit of lace or subtle sparkle. 
Cocktail is about relaxed elegance, and strappy sandals, heels or even stylish flats are appropriate, as are graceful statement accessories that add a bit of drama.
Formal events run a gamut from the more whimsical "creative black tie" to stricter white tie celebrations. 
You have a broad variety of options for both coverage and comfort: Choose between higher or more open necklines, sleeved or sleeveless styles, structured or flowing cuts. 
Select a gown that has subtle shimmer or top with a jacket that adds a touch of sparkle. 
Formal styles are generally paired with heels, but the long hemline can also conceal a pair of tasteful sandals or flats. 
Add a matching handbag and accessorize with jewelry that lets your gown take center stage.

Custom Events.

If an invitation suggests a "custom," "festive," "beach" or other style, consider the season, time of day, and whether the event has a theme or a color scheme.

When in doubt, consult the host or ask a friend for advice.

No matter the occasion and dress code, our collections include everything from chic separates to standout formal gowns, to cover you for any event!


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